Michael ‘Mick’ Frost, MD
Research Consultant, NF1 Parent

Dr. Frost is an experienced physician with over 30 years in medical practice. He is a board certified anatomic and clinical pathologist with a subspecialty in hematopathology, playing a critical role in patient care by providing accurate diagnoses on biopsies and blood samples, and by fulfilling the role of Medical Director of a pathology laboratory for twelve years. He has contributed to medical research, having published articles on cancer research including novel cancer therapy delivery methods. Dr. Frost also has expertise in computer software development and data analysis having designed and developed a software system to address the unique requirements of pathologists when preparing high quality pathology reports.

As the parent of a child with NF1, Dr. Frost is fully committed to identifying and developing a therapeutic that specifically addresses all aspects of NF1. His role at Infixion includes reviewing and summarizing literature relevant to the Infixion goal of developing an NF1 therapeutic; integral participation in Infixion research projects, including strategy and data review; developing NF1-specific research tools such as NF1 antibodies; and designing and developing software to analyze NF1-related research data.  Dr. Frost has now read hundreds of NF1 publications, and is the company’s resident expert on all aspects of NF1 protein, pathway and downstream regulation, and haploinsufficiency.  Dr. Frost is married with two adult children, and has been a dedicated member of the Infixion Bioscience core team since 2019.