Shannon Lauberth, PhD
Northwestern Univ., Chicago
Molecular Genetics

Associate Professor at the Northwestern University and Principal Investigator at the Lauberth Lab. The Lauberth lab’s primary research focus is to pursue basic and translational research in the fields of cancer, epigenetics, and gene expression/regulation.  Lauberth’s research programs center on: (i) enhancer elements and key regulators of transcriptional circuits that control disease states. Studies address a key gap in knowledge relating to how enhancers can regulate oncogenic gene expression and tumorigenic phenotypes; (ii) alterations in chromatin signatures and conformation that lead to enhancer reprogramming, gene regulation and tumor promoting gene expression programs; and (iii) noncoding RNAs or the “dark matter” of the genome through sequencing technologies targeting the understanding of noncoding RNA molecules (ncRNAs) produced from enhancers (eRNAs).  Member of Infixion Bioscience Scientific Advisory Board since 2018.