Glenn Croston, PhD
Drug Discovery Consultant

Dr. Croston is an experienced drug discovery researcher and biotech entrepreneur with over 25 years of industry experience moving drugs forward from concept to clinic, including companies such as Tularik, Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Acadia Pharmaceuticals, and the Ferring Research Institute. Dr. Croston has significant experience developing research methodologies, including leading high throughput screening and lead optimization across many diseases.  Dr. Croston received a BS in Biology from UC Davis, his PhD from UC San Diego in 1993, and has been supporting Infixion Bioscience as a core scientific advisor since 2018.  Dr. Croston also joined Infixion’s core team for the NIH I-Corps commercialization program (8-week, half-time) — including over 100 interviews from across the NF1 community (patients, parents, docs, etc.), and the rare disease drug discovery ecosystem (regulatory, pharmacy, big pharma, etc.).  Dr. Croston is currently the COO of Eicosis, a drug discovery company focused on chronic pain, but is fully committed to his ongoing daily/weekly involvement as an advisor to Infixion Bioscience focusing on strategy and data review.  Dr. Croston has two wonderful young-adult children.